Therapeutic Tarot

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Welcome to my site, Therapeutic Tarot.

I have been interested in the more esoteric side of life for as long as I can remember, delving into chance provocation cards, numerology, palmistry and astrology at rudimentary levels. When I had the chance to take Fiona Beck’s tarot course (and after following various courses online) it seemed an ideal opportunity to cement some of my learning, even though working intuitively is something that many people do all the time. Having also attended energy healing, Reiki and other forms of visualisation and meditation classes, I felt this was an ideal way to add to my learning which, in the main is conservative and conventional, such as Psychology, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. I aim to incorporate the whole person that I am in all that I do therapeutically in order to help you move forwards.

My specialisms are in the realm of relationships – intimate, friends, family, work colleagues, and day to day relationships that we encounter along the way. Our lives are often greatly affected by others (and in turn, we impact them) and the aim of my presence is to help create greater awareness which in turn generates a greater level of alignment with our authenticity, autonomy and ultimate happiness.