Therapeutic Tarot

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Readings available as follows:

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  • One card simple yes/no reading
  • Past/Present/Future – Basic reading
  • Relationship reading – a more complex reading looking at what is going on for you right now in your relationship, what happened previously and what may happen going forwards if the situation remains unchanged. It is a snapshot of the moment and is useful for guidance purposes. You always have free will.
  • Career reading – a reading similar to the relationship reading above, which gives you guidance and intuitive insight on the situation right now. Again you have free will, yet if nothing alters then the outcome will be as suggested on the cards.

NB All readings come with extra guidance and support depending on the question you have asked!

Please send a recent image along with your reading request. All readings are carried out via email and sent you you.  This includes feedback. If you have further pressing questions, these will be acknowledged in a follow up email.

Click here to purchase a reading.

After carrying out the reading we can book a Skype session if you have requested therapeutic support to discuss the outcomes of the reading. Please select the relevant package for your requirements! I look forward to carrying this out in love and light!